What to Expect

 The initial appointment will take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours and consists of (1) history and examination (2) specific upper cervical x-rays (3) report of findings; (4) initial spinal correct; (5) post-adjustment upper cervical x-rays; and (6) a rest period of 15 minutes.  During your rest period the post upper cervical x-rays will be analyzed to determine if a complete correction has been made.

Depending on the misalignment, the first correction could hold for hours, days, weeks, months or even years.  A third visit will be scheduled for three days following the initial correction.  Return visits will take only 10-20 minutes, and adjustments during any following appointments will not be made unless the alignment is lost and the postural distortion returns.  Future post-adjustment x-rays are only taken when it is deemed necessary.

What causes Postural Distortion?

Sometime in your life your body experienced a physical trauma.  Past traumas may include:  the delivery procedures of childbirth, the falls of infancy and childhood, sports injuries and the various traumas of adolescence and adulthood.

If the trauma is sufficient to misalign the atlas (first cervical vertebra) out of its normal position, a disturbance to nerve impulses from centers in the brain stem imbalances skeletal muscles, stressing the spine and related structures into an adapted unnatural position.  This imbalance distorts the pelvis, draws one leg short, deviates the spine out of its vertical position in an upright posture and creates fixations of the ligaments between any of the vertebrae.  The subluxated spine is progressive, degenerative and accelerates the aging process of the spinal structures.  Correcting and stabilizing a spine may require a number of adjustments over time.

Holding Your Alignment

With any NUCCA adjustment, it takes 28 days to stabilize.  During that time it is important to recognize your limitations and rest when your body's exhausted.  There are those who will hold the alignment and never lose it for the remainder of their life.  This will not be everybody, even though it is our greatest desire when each and every adjustment is made.

Continued care is equally important for the body to remain at optimum health and healing potential.  Most patients will not be able to recognize except through symptoms that they have lost their alignment and need another adjustment.  Therefore, it becomes imperative that we monitor your alignment through return visits approximately eight times a year (every six to eight weeks after the initial treatment plan) to assure your body is continuing to heal and maintain health.

Whether you hold the alignment or need additional adjustments over the remainder of your life, the single most important factor is to be out of alignment for the least amount of time.  This will assure us both, your body continues to work correctly. 

After the treatment plan, adjustments will only be necessary if the body has lost its alignment.  With any adjustment, the body requires 28 days to stabilize.  It is important to note that rest is essential, just as it was with the first adjustment.  You must be more careful during the 28 days following any adjustment to assure you successfully stabilize the alignment.

Remember, if you have any concerns or thoughts that you may not be holding the alignment, do not wait for your next visit.  Call and get checked.  Future appointments are there to assure each of us that you are in alignment, not to confirm that you have been out of alignment for some time.  Your health is only as important as you make it.  We look forward to working with you toward optimal health!

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