"I didn't realize how much I was hurting until it stopped!  I had neck discomfort and headaches for years, but had learned to live with it.  It wasn't until a family member recommended Dr. Lord that I realized the pain I was in.  After my very first visit, I was able to turn my head and watch for traffic without it hurting.  I could also turn my neck much farther than I ever remember doing.  Now I wake up every morning without all the aches and pains. It feels so good to feel good!"  ~Heidi R., Westfield

"When I first came into the clinic my neck was in pretty bad shape and I was really miserable.  The previous Chiropractor told me my neck was so locked up he didn't know how to approach helping me become "unlocked". That weekend a very good friend from St. Louis came and shared with our family her new Chiropractic care called NUCCA.  She told me it was very gentle and adjustments were made only behind the ears.  I went that next day to check the internet and rejoiced to see Dr. Lord's name on the website in Madison.  I called on a Sunday and she was actually there.  By that next week I went in, was x-rayed and adjusted.  I was scared initally, but during my first treatment, I wasn't jerked around, yanked on, or pushed hard.  I realized with this type of treatment there is nothing to fear.   Dr. Lord could adjust my neck to be back in alignment after just one time.  The x-rays showed it!!  To prove it, see it and feel the difference was great.  Thank you Dr. Lord!!"  ~Mary J., Madison

"Before coming to you I had been gonig to a chiropractor every month for the past several years. By the time I went for each visit, my back was in pain and I was stiff. I was better after the adjustment but there did not seem to be any long-term improvement. After going through your program, I am no longer as stiff and I can feel my back moving to where it should be as I lay in bed at night. I am looking forward to less frequent visits than I had before and better comfort between visits." ~ Janet Johnson

Dr. Lord and NUCCA changed my life, no more pain and able to walk again! I was told I'd soon be in a wheelchair shortly before I began NUCCA. No such talk since! The improvement has been dramatic. I used to see a chiopractor every 2 weeks, now NUCCA only when I do something dumb enough to throw me out. Treatments hold.  ~ Alice Gravelle

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